Archive / December, 2010

The Lack of Healthcare Information in Local Languages is Dangerous to the Health of the Rural Poor in Africa

As was evident during my recent trip to Kenya, people who live in rural communities in Africa have particularly fragile health because of factors such as HIV AIDS, malnutrition, lack of access to clean drinking water and tropical diseases such as malaria, dengue fever and cholera. A general shortage of doctors and nurses as well [...]

Africa Needs Translation

The need for translation in Africa is acute. Especially for healthcare information. A shortage of doctors and nurses (many go to work in our rich countries) means that healthcare, particularly in the rural areas, is delivered by community health workers. They tend not to speak English well, yet their manuals and training are exclusively in [...]

Almost Giving

For the better part of my life, I’ve been almost giving. When I was at university, I took a training course to be able to work on a crisis line, but I was too busy with my studies to do even one shift. When my best friend died I joined the organization she supported, Big [...]

Google’s Mission in Africa

I love that Google wants to make money in Africa. This may be a contentious thing to say, but I do love that Google wants more African content on the Internet so that they can monetize it. Why? Because as more locally-relevant content becomes available, the African web will become more vibrant. And that vibrancy [...]