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Guest Post from Weru Macharia

I am writing to express my delight at last week’s meeting in Nairobi during the cocktail for Nairobi based translators. It was an eye opener in as far as we were reminded that translation isn’t only about translating the foremost world languages as we have all tended to believe. Early last year, I accompanied a [...]

Call for Translation in Kenya’s Kibera Slum

We’ve been invited to Kibera, Kenya’s largest slum, to talk about – of all things – translation. “We” refers to a delegation from Translators without Borders consisting of Paula Shannon, Simon and Harriet Andriesen, and myself. Kibera is a place we never expected to find ourselves in. The second largest slum in Africa after Soweto, [...]

Centralizing localization resources at Yahoo!

Yahoo! Inc., founded in 1994, is currently the third most visited website on the planet with over half a billion unique visitors every month. Yahoo! is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, has more than 13,000 employees in 25 countries, provinces and territories, and localizes content into over 30 languages. Salvatore Giammarresi is Yahoo!’s localization director, hired to [...]

Mentoring Congolese Translators for Health

Translators without Borders is matching European and African translators to help bring the first health knowledge platform to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Tufts University, based in Boston, has created a dynamic multimedia health knowledge management system known as TUSK. In a project funded by USAID to train university and governmental bodies on pandemic threat response, [...]

Do-it-yourself machine translation at Autodesk

Autodesk, based in San Rafael, California, publishes 3D software for  design, engineering and entertainment. Autodesk products are localized from English into as many as 20 languages. Mirko Plitt is senior manager of language technologies at Autodesk as part of the localization services team in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Thicke Autodesk was one of the first enterprises to deploy [...]

Language can be the door that keeps knowledge out, or the window that lets it in

Language is crucial to solving many of the problems faced by the world’s poorest peoples. That’s because language is necessary for people to access knowledge, and knowledge is necessary for all the advances of civilization, from improving health and increasing longevity to fostering technical advances and scientific discovery, promoting democracy, improving agricultural yields, conserving water, [...]

“Bring it on”: Announcing the opening of our platform to non-profits

“Bring it on,” says Jon Peck, Senior Developer at He’s referring to Translators without Borders’ expanded capacity to help non-profits thanks to our new fully-automated Translation Center. As of today, we are ready, willing and able to provide free translations to five times as many non-profit organizations. Our capacity to help non-profits had already [...]