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LexWorks Opens Office in Vancouver to offer MT Services

2012 has been an exciting year for the Lexcelera-Eurotexte family. After providing language services in Europe for 26 years, demand for our specialized machine translation expertise has brought us to new shores. We are pleased to announce the founding of a full subsidiary, LexWorks, in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. LexWorks Ltd. joins Eurotexte SARL in Paris, [...]

Is Translation Memory Yesterday’s Technology?

Fully automated translation, or Machine Translation as it’s commonly known, is still an early adopters game for leading global enterprises – the Global 2000 or so. As a result, the older technology, Translation Memory, has yet to see any real impact. But we predict that this will change in the very near future, and that [...]

Machine Translation Tool Wars

Today the debate around machine translation is stuck. It’s stuck on what engine to use, rather than looking at the whole process for optimizing MT. Welcome to the Machine Translation Tool Wars! In this war of words, discussions – sometimes heated and not always evidence-based – contrast today’s two dominant approaches, and the competing software [...]

Helping a Global Bank Keep MT Behind the Firewall

It happens all the time in the corporate world. A foreign language document arrives. Or an email. The first impulse is to run it through an online machine translation portal to find out what it says. The problem is, you may not even know what information it contains. User data? Internal information your company really [...]

13 Differences between SMT and RBMT that You Need to Know

There are different kinds of machine translation: rules-based and statistical. Each system has advantages and disadvantages and will perform better in certain situations (depending, for example, on the language pair, domain and corpus availability for training). Here’s what you need to know as a business decision maker. Machine translation is not a tool. Machine translation [...]

8 Steps to a Successful MT Process

If you were to go by the endless debates about which machine translation engine is better, SMT or RBMT, you might get the impression that machine translation is just a tool. And that to deploy MT, the most important step is choosing the right engine. We’ve seen this a lot. But after delivering tens of [...]


My Two Hats

As founder of both LexWorks and Lexcelera and the non-profit Translators without Borders, I spend a lot of time switching between two hats. Hat number one is an entrepreneurial hat, and I’ve been wearing it since I was 12. That’s when I started my first business in Northern Ontario, selling Christmas trees in a town [...]

Interview with Lori Thicke, Cofounder of Translators without Borders

Traducteurs sans frontières, the French predecessor to Translators without Borders, was founded in 1993 as a way to provide free translations to humanitarian organizations. In the past year, since the crisis in Haiti hit in early 2010, thousands of translators have volunteered their services to help not only the people of Haiti but those in other [...]

LexWorks announces award of a major research grant in language technology from the European Commission

January 2012: Lexcelera, the parent company of LexWorks and a leading provider of innovative translation services, today announced the launch of the international research project ACCEPT. The goal of ACCEPT – an acronym for Automated Community Content Editing Portal – is the development of innovative technologies in the field of machine translation. Lexcelera’s consortium partners [...]


How to Make Your Post-Editors Happy

Post-Editors REALLY Hate Poor MT Output Translator anger over being asked to post-edit bad machine translation is at the boiling point. The hottest topic of discussion in 2011 on LinkedIn’s Automated Language Translation Group was translator anger as related to MT. This is a real issue, and not just for translators*. At last year’s GALA [...]