Archive / January, 2013

Who Pays the Price for Bad MT?

Until now it seems that the market has been considering machine translation quality as an unreachable goal. Current attitudes seem to be: “It doesn’t matter if machine translation is poor quality, as long as the errors are fixed before delivery to the customer.” But at the end of the day, who pays the price of [...]

What To Do When You’ve Squeezed All You Can From Your Translation Memories

If you’re a new user of translation memory technology, the cost and time savings of not translating the same content over and over again can be pretty impressive. But what happens when, as a mature user, your company is seeing diminishing returns? When, at the same time, your translation memories are starting to show their [...]

Do your translation processes need a health check?

Progressive companies today know that translation is not a cost center but a profit center, fueling international growth, customer satisfaction and profitability.  So, how do your translation and localization processes stack up against global best practices? Take our quiz and find out. Centralization Which best applies to your company? 1. We have one department that [...]