Archive / September, 2013

The Founder’s Dilemma

A Personal Essay from the Founder of Lexcelera-LexWorks How do you know when is the best time to step down from managing a company you have founded? Lori Thicke founded the translation company Lexcelera (the LexWorks parent company) in France in 1986. Recently John Papaioannou, a long-time Lexcelera customer while he was a director at [...]

Top Requests for Machine Translation ‘A La Carte’

What’s the top trend in machine translation this year? For LexWorks, the answer, hands down, is diversity. Diversity of engines, diversity of services. In years past, our major request was for machine translation as a turnkey solution. That is, providing the gains of machine translation (turnaround speed, quality and, of course, price) but without the [...]

RBMT – SMT – Hybrid Engines Compared

“Being technology agnostic means using the very best technology for the task, without being bound by a supplier monopoly” — John Papaioannou, CEO of Lexcelera-LexWorks. Here’s what I would add to that: In order for machine translation to make any sense at all, it has to yield the highest quality that is ‘machinely’ possible. This [...]