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A Longtime Customer Becomes Our New CEO

You could say that John Papaioannou liked our company so much, he decided to join it. Until this month, John, as Director of Release Services for Bentley Systems, was one of our valued enterprise customers. On March 1st he became our new Chief Executive Officer. Bentley Systems first came to us in 2007, with the operational [...]

LexWorks Opens Office in Vancouver to offer MT Services

2012 has been an exciting year for the Lexcelera-Eurotexte family. After providing language services in Europe for 26 years, demand for our specialized machine translation expertise has brought us to new shores. We are pleased to announce the founding of a full subsidiary, LexWorks, in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. LexWorks Ltd. joins Eurotexte SARL in Paris, [...]

Interview with Lori Thicke, Cofounder of Translators without Borders

Traducteurs sans frontières, the French predecessor to Translators without Borders, was founded in 1993 as a way to provide free translations to humanitarian organizations. In the past year, since the crisis in Haiti hit in early 2010, thousands of translators have volunteered their services to help not only the people of Haiti but those in other [...]

Centralizing localization resources at Yahoo!

Yahoo! Inc., founded in 1994, is currently the third most visited website on the planet with over half a billion unique visitors every month. Yahoo! is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, has more than 13,000 employees in 25 countries, provinces and territories, and localizes content into over 30 languages. Salvatore Giammarresi is Yahoo!’s localization director, hired to [...]

Do-it-yourself machine translation at Autodesk

Autodesk, based in San Rafael, California, publishes 3D software for  design, engineering and entertainment. Autodesk products are localized from English into as many as 20 languages. Mirko Plitt is senior manager of language technologies at Autodesk as part of the localization services team in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Thicke Autodesk was one of the first enterprises to deploy [...]

Lean localization at Bentley Systems

Thicke What is your role at Bentley Systems? Papaioannou Currently, I am responsible for the localization group as well as the product release group, which produces the official builds for all the languages, including English. Thicke What is the localization group responsible for? Papaioannou We handle up to 100 different products into as many as [...]

MT at Symantec

Enterprise Innovators is a series of interviews with trailblazers whose innovations in language technologies are helping establish new best practices within the localization industry. In this first column of the series, Lori Thicke speaks with Fred Hollowood, research director of Symantec Corporation, a global leader in providing security, storage and systems management solutions. With more [...]

Improving MT results: a study

If machine translation (MT) has gone mainstream, our guess is that this has more to do with changed expectations than with improved technology. That MT technology has advanced goes without saying, but the biggest change may be that users no longer expect high-quality translations “out of the box.” Most users anticipate having to invest in [...]

MT’s ‘perfect storm,’ Russian and beyond

If 2010 has a localization mantra, it’s sure to be “Do more for less.” Product managers want to extend localized products to their customers in international markets, purchasing managers are looking for overall budget reductions, and project managers, as always, are required to hit seemingly incompatible targets for cost, speed and quality. Meanwhile, content to [...]