Legal & eDiscovery

LexWorks has over 25 years of experience providing translations to law firms and corporate legal departments across all legal fields and practice areas. Our linguists have expertise in legal terminology along with a specialization in a variety of technical areas such as engineering and construction, IT, mining and medicine. Offices on three continents allow our translators to work around the clock to offer you a speedy, one-stop solution. We also possess industry-leading expertise in the translation technologies that can dramatically reduce costs and turnaround times on eDiscovery cases.

What You Need:

  • Expertise in legal and technical terminology
  • Quick responses to your requests
  • Ability to handle large volumes for tight deadlines
  • Translation accuracy
  • Fast and cost-effective translation of terabytes of documents

What LexWorks Delivers:

  • Offices on 3 continents so our teams can manage large volumes working around the clock
  • ISO 9001 quality certification
  • Flexible and collaborative teams
  • Robust processes
  • Technology to ensure lightning fast turnaround times
  • Industry-leading expertise in translation automation solutions

LexWorks routinely handles high-volume legal translations for urgent deadlines.

With eDiscovery, or electronic Discovery, we work with you to uncover the “smoking gun” hidden in millions of pages of a company’s archives, which might consist of emails, internal memos, technical notices and so on. In a field where a typical project is measured in terabytes of documents, LexWorks will work with your legal teams to more quickly and more cost-effectively identify the exact documents of interest.

What You May Not Know About Machine Translation

Today machine translation is the game-changer for eDiscovery because of the speed at which it can deliver translations at a fraction of a human cost to help case teams review large volumes of non-English language documents. However, a poorly customized machine translation engine runs the risk of mistranslating critical information so that it is missed out in eDiscovery. Our machine translation process starts with customizing the machine translation engine on terminology from the domain in question. This is critical, as a word in one domain can mean something quite different in another (think of ‘magazine’ in a military vs media context). Our customized machine translation engines generate a first-draft of understandable text with accurate terminology. Selected documents may then be routed for scrutiny to a “real person” for one of three levels of quality:

    1. ‘Augmented’, so legal teams may understand the nuances better in order to make the determination of whether a particular document is of interest

    2. ‘Polished’, so that the text in question is a 100% accurate representation of the source text

    3. ‘Sworn’ or ‘Certified’, so that the translation may be used in court.

Legal Expertise:

  • Arbitration and litigation
  • Business law, company law
  • Constitutional, criminal, social and military law
  • Financial, tax and banking law
  • Intellectual property and patents
  • Labor law
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Public and environmental law
  • Legal Translations: Documents

Legal Translations:

  • Articles of incorporation or association
  • Arbitration proceedings
  • Authentic legal instruments
  • Contracts
  • Court decisions
  • eDiscovery
  • Mergers & acquisitions filings
  • Subpoenas
  • Certified translations


  • Security
    All our translators and staff sign a confidentiality agreement covering the information contained in your legal translations
  • Sworn Translators
    We handle all official documents requiring certified translation


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