Carrefour Case Study

carrefour logoWith operations in 32 countries, the Carrefour group is one of the world’s leading retailers. Ranking second worldwide and European leader, the company is currently developing four food store formats: hypermarkets, supermarkets, cash & carry stores and convenience stores.


The Carrefour group has called on LexWorks for many years to translate its Annual Reports and Sustainable Development Reports from French into English, Spanish and Polish. Translate the most sensitive and closely examined document of any publicly traded company at short notice (14 business days). In addition to traditional financial terms, the company’s style and specific terminology must be followed throughout.

The challenge

LexWorks has set up a proven process for dealing with such sensitive content. LexWorks’s senior project manager begins by organising a kickoff meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to define the parameters of the project and ensure that it proceeds under optimal conditions:

  •  Carrefour presents the challenges and objectives of the project;
  • LexWorks’s scope of action is defined;
  • The various participants (Carrefour contacts, communications agency, journalists, audit agency, etc.) are
  • identified to facilitate and speed up communication once the project has been launched;
  • Risks are analysed and prevention measures planned;
  • A schedule is established for the different production phases.

The Solution

LexWorks’s senior project manager assigns senior linguistic team members who have already worked on past projects and who best fit the desired profile (expertise in finance and corporate communications). In addition to translators, this team also includes a Quality Coordinator who ensures the implementation of the quality plan established at the start of the project. The four linguists work simultaneously; using the translation memories created, built on and managed by LexWorks over the past four years. This not only ensures perfect terminological consistency but also results in budget savings of 21%.

The result

  • Carrefour’s Corporate Communications Department receives the fully translated and proofread Annual Report, chapter by chapter, within the agreed time frame.
  • The approval process is carried out during the translation process; the project is just in time.
  •  The translations are sent to the graphic design agency for page layout and design.
  • The Carrefour group publishes its Annual Report in the time allotted by the Annual General Meeting.