Saipem Case Study

saipem logoItalian company Saipem is a world leader in the oil & gas contracting services sector specialising in research and drilling. Saipem is international in scope with a solid European base. It employs over 30,000 people of 100 different nationalities, including 6,900 engineers.

The Assignment

Translation, layout and localization of graphics and images from procedures and manuals related to the SCP-Block 2 Project for Total S.A. … which had contracted work to Saipem.

The Solution

Saipem S.A. needed to produce a set of manuals in Portuguese totaling over 2,000 pages for its end-client within a maximum period of 12 weeks, including page layout and graphics processing.

The project was not only under a tight time constraint, the translated documents had to be clear and fully understandable by the Portuguese teams that use these documents on a daily basis.

The Solution

Following LexWork’s recommendation, Saipem chose to use machine translation (MT). This choice was motivated by the reduced lead times made possible by this solution, as well as by lower translation costs. LexWorks selected the Systran machine translation engine. Before launching the SCP-Block 2 Project, LexWorks needed to ‘train’ the translation engine to use Saipem’s terminology.

The first step in adapting the MT engine for Saipem was to create dictionaries. The next step involved processing the translation of one-third of the source documents, and then human post-editing the resulting output. By feeding the corrections back into the system, LexWorks continued to ‘train’ the MT engine to produce translations of ever increasing quality.

A project of this magnitude, which normally would have required six translators and a proofreader, was completed on schedule with only three linguists for post-editing, thus reducing production time by 60 working days and saving our client $12K.