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Who Pays the Price for Poor MT?

The first time I heard this, it sent a chill down my spine: “It doesn’t matter if the machine translation output is [insert 4-letter expletive starting with an 'S']: the post-editors will clean it up.” It’s not the MT vendor who suffers when MT is bad, nor is it the end customer. The truth is [...]

Top Requests for Machine Translation ‘A La Carte’

What’s the top trend in machine translation this year? For LexWorks, the answer, hands down, is diversity. Diversity of engines, diversity of services. In years past, our major request was for machine translation as a turnkey solution. That is, providing the gains of machine translation (turnaround speed, quality and, of course, price) but without the [...]

RBMT – SMT – Hybrid Engines Compared

“Being technology agnostic means using the very best technology for the task, without being bound by a supplier monopoly” — John Papaioannou, CEO of Lexcelera-LexWorks. Here’s what I would add to that: In order for machine translation to make any sense at all, it has to yield the highest quality that is ‘machinely’ possible. This [...]

What Does a Technology Agnostic Offer Look Like?

Today’s buyers of translation and localization are more savvy than ever before. And they are looking beyond straight Translation-Editing-Proofreading (TEP) to a full panel of language services that will help them tap into global opportunities. As for that game-changing advance, machine translation (MT), today our tech-savvy customers are asking for mix-and-match services that can integrate [...]

Post-Editing Best Practices Identified by ACCEPT

The EU-funded ACCEPT Project brings together five leaders in machine translation: the University of Edinburgh (inventors of the Moses engine), the University of Geneva, Symantec, Acrolinx and Lexcelera, the LexWorks parent company. A recent ACCEPT report, prepared by Symantec, identifies three sources of post-editing best practices. The resulting guidelines for post-editors are summarized below. The [...]

The Importance of Being Technology Agnostic

For the June 2013 issue of Multilingual Magazine, I spoke with PayPal’s Rubén Rodríguez de la Fuente about why companies like PayPal are taking an open approach to machine translation technology. PayPal is just one of the companies that is technology-agnostic when it comes to machine translation (MT). This approach is also shared by some [...]