Extended Team

Our extended team consists of project managers, translators, post-editors, linguists, engineers and subject-matter experts working “in country” to get you to a high-quality and accurate translation. Our freelancers didn’t just start working with us yesterday. Some have worked for us continuously for over 20 years, and most have been part of our team for at least three years.

  • Freelance translators who work only in their native language
  • In-house and external linguists who provide quality assurance
  • Computational linguists who optimize MT engines
  • Post-editors who correct texts and update engines
  • Engineers who build, process, process, test, compile
  • Partner companies we can and do tap into on your behalf, including Eulogia, a consortium of European translation houses, each one representing one of the official languages of the European Union
  • Subject matter experts who provide additional in-country language expertise
  • Translators without Borders, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing pro bono translations to humanitarian organizations, which was founded by LexWorks in 1993. Today, Translators without Borders runs a program for encouraging and mentoring translators in emerging languages in Africa such as Swahili

*All members of the extended team who have worked with LexWorks/Lexcelera more than 1 year