Do You Have an End-to-End Playbook for Your Content?

We hear a lot about content strategy today, but what is it exactly and why should it matter to you?

A content strategy is your end-to-end process for how you plan, create, translate, deliver and manage your digital content.

Here are some signs that you may need a multilingual content strategy:

  • People across your organization are writing similar types of content
  • Similar content is translated at different times
  • Your content is not easy to find and share within your organization
  • Online searches in other languages cannot easily find your content
  • Your international customers don’t see the same quality of content that your domestic customers do

A good content strategy aims at achieving your business goals by maximizing the impact of content that is easy to read and understand, consistent, easy to find and in the right language.

A good content strategy not only increases the impact of your content – it also increases the impact of your budget by ensuring that you write it once and translate it once.

Today human translation as well as human-optimized machine translation both have a place in the enterprise global content strategy.

To help you optimize your multilingual content – and your budgets – we offer:

  • Tools that ensure you will only translate your content once, regardless of where in your organization the translation request comes from
  • Adaptation of the same content for different audiences
  • Centralized glossaries of your terminology to ensure consistency across your organization
  • Translation dashboard indicators so you can track your translations as well as your re-use, total expenditure, requesters within your organization, real-time progress and more
  • Multilingual search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Human translation
  • Human optimized translation automation