What Does a Technology Agnostic Offer Look Like?

Today’s buyers of translation and localization are more savvy than ever before. And they are looking beyond straight Translation-Editing-Proofreading (TEP) to a full panel of language services that will help them tap into global opportunities. As for that game-changing advance, machine translation (MT), today our tech-savvy customers are asking for mix-and-match services that can integrate seamlessly with their internal business processes. Here are some of the packages we offer for rules-based (RBMT), statistical (SMT) and hybrid systems:

Hosted MT (Software as a Service)

This is our full MT package offering of engine selection, training, hosting of the custom-built engines and ongoing updates and maintenance.

Managed MT Service

This package suits customers who for whatever reason prefer to host their own engines. In this type of installation, LexWorks provides engine training and maintenance remotely.


With one of the largest pools of experienced post-editors in the industry, LexWorks provides post-editing as part of other packages or as a stand-alone service. Post-editing can be light or heavy, depending on whether the quality objectives are ‘understandable’ or ‘publication-ready’.

Annual Maintenance

For enterprise customers who have already built strong MT engines, LexWorks offers an annual maintenance subscription service to update terminology and product lines.

MT Pilots

For enterprises wishing to test one or more MT technologies, LexWorks conducts impartial pilots. Deliverables include post-edited and/or raw output along with a full ROI analysis, report and QA benchmarking. Pilots can be conducted on one engine or on a range of engines, within a single approach or comparing all three: RBMT, SMT, Hybrid.

Data Cleaning

Data cleaning is important for training both statistical and hybrid engines, and is offered as a stand-alone service or as part of one of the above packages.


We integrate with existing platforms or provide our own for real-time translation management and reporting.

Bing Customization

Bing, also known as Microsoft Translator Hub, is a fully customizable solution of particular interest for online content such as customer support sites and forums. LexWorks offers both engine customization and annual maintenance. By accessing Bing through LexWorks, it is possible to have full data protection and confidentiality.