Come join us today!

I’m so excited about the strides Translators without Borders has made in the last few months.

- Thanks to an online translation platform programmed for us by, we’ve already increased our capacity to help aid organizations two-fold, and expect to quadruple our contribution by the end of the year. To give you an example of our progress, in May we provided around $40,000 worth of free translations to NGOs: in June this figure was $50,000 and in July $60,000!

- We have gone from offering just the main European languages to donating translations in over 50 languages including Swahili, Yoruba and Tigrinya.

- Besides translating documents, Translators without Borders is now subtitling films and translating SMS messages, both ways that health information is being transmitted to people in under-resourced communities.

- We are continuing to translate documents and websites for NGOs that help them raise awareness of populations in crisis, attract funding from international donors and train their international staff. But we also have a new mission: helping people access information in their own language. We find it shocking that people who do not speak a dominant language like English or Spanish can’t access the basic information they need to keep themselves and their families healthy, and to live longer lives. So we are starting a program to mentor translators in emerging languages like Swahili to build capacity for this important work.

A wise man in Kenya once said to me:

“If your vision doesn’t scare you, it isn’t big enough.”

Well, our vision of building a world where every person has access to knowledge in his or her own language scares the hell out of me!

Come join us and help make this vision a reality. We need translators, of course, but we also need volunteers with many different skills: vendor managers, project managers, DTP experts, graphic artists, web developers, event planners, and so on. We also have a very acute need for funding to bring our programs to life. Ask me about our sponsorship program.

Please join us in translating for humanity.