Customization in Machine Translation

Machine Translation is not a specific set of technologies or tools. Machine Translation is a process. Ideally, the process should begins with choosing the right machine-translation engine for your content. Currently, technology vendors take two distinct approaches: rules-based (RBMT) and statistical (SMT). A hybrid of these two approaches is also a valid approach, depending on the languages involved and the type of content you will be translating.

Customization the engine on your terminology improves quality, which in turn improves productivity. One study that we conducted, which was published in Multilingual Magazine, demonstrated that a customized engine doubles post-editing productivity over a generic one. Higher post-editing speed means that high quality translation can reach your international markets faster than ever before.

Depending on your content type, and on whether you already have extensive translation memories or not, we can:

  • customize rules-based hybrid engines, or
  • build custom statistical engines from scratch

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