1,000 pages of technical documentation? 20,000 words of software? You’ll find us to be fast in any language.

Core Services include

  • Project management
  • Creation and maintenance of translation memories
  • Creation and maintenance of glossaries
  • Data cleaning
  • Translation coordination by a subject matter expert for technical content
  • Consulting and technology selection
  • MT engine customization
  • Pre-editing and authoring assistance
  • Post-editing and engine maintenance/updating
  • Internal QA check for consistency, completeness, accuracy, etc.
  • Full style edit by an in-country linguist who is fluent in the target language – especially important for marketing content
  • Page layout. Flowing your translation into the approved layout using the appropriate tool
  • Engineering and compiling of software

On most projects, LexWorks can save you 20-50% in translation costs. And our accelerated process can cut production time in half.

With over a quarter-century as a traditional translation supplier, we also deliver fully human translations where MT is not the right choice.

Accelerated Translation - Two Case Studies

Challenge: A Fortune 500 company was deploying SAP globally. At the beginning of each morning the UK working group needed the previous day’s batch of French procedures translated into English.

Solution: At the end of each day the client’s French team submitted the deliverables, which were rapidly translated using our customized engine. The MT output was then immediately routed to our team on the West Coast of the United States, eight hours behind the UK. At the end of the day in America, the English deliverables were returned in time for the working group to begin at 9 a.m. GMT.

Challenge: 400,000 words of automotive manuals to be translated from English into South American Spanish in two weeks.

Solution: Meeting this deadline meant getting 15 translators to work together.  We set up a technology-based solution to enable the translators to share their translation memories in real time so that the instant a new term was encountered, everyone on the team had immediate access to its translation. And, rather than have an editor correct the text at the end of the project, we employed an automotive engineer for the duration of the project to centralize questions our people had that were industry specific and distribute the answers to all the team.