Application & Software Localization

Localization for Mobile and Desktop

LexWorks will work with you to localize and translate desktop and mobile applications into multiple languages, as needed for you to reach your global revenue goals. LexWork’s application and software localization solutions are powered by the latest tools and technologies, including SMART* machine translation.

Our goal is to bring innovation to traditional software localization to help product and localization managers with the many challenges of managing software localization services, including the need to:

  • Reach more international markets
  • Support more customers
  • Handle more content
  • Integrate more languages
  • Adopt more streamlined processes
  • Source with fewer vendors
  • Deliver to defined quality metrics
  • Deliver more quickly
  • Simship
  • Reduce costs

In short, we help localization managers do more, with less. We achieve this by offering new solutions to localization managers who have already optimized use of CAT/Translation Memory tools to go even further to decrease costs and increase throughput speed.

LexWork’s proprietary localization processes for software documentation/online help/user interfaces integrate Translation Memory with the latest developments in Machine Translation. The intention of this SMART MT process is not to replace human translators, but to make the most efficient use of their time and skills. Using SMART technology typically results in a localization throughput that is 30% to 100% faster, for significantly reduced costs, allowing software publishers to manage more languages and more content for the same budget. Simship is also facilitated in this agile process. As for customer support material such as knowledge bases, as well as dynamic forum content, SMART MT makes it possible to have real-time translations of fully useful text.

LexWorks’ SMART process, which combines linguistic and technical expertise with cutting-edge tools innovation, is available as a managed process or as Software as a Service. For crowd-sourcing dynamic content such as forums, LexWork’s solution may include an API/widget for dynamic content with ranking/curation of contributed translations.

iOS, Android, Windows 8 Mobile Platforms

Today, literally hundreds of thousands of applications for Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows and Facebook are only available in English. When it comes to mobile applications in particular, local language interfaces are predicted to be the rocket fuel for international sales. LexWorks can help you reach into markets overseas. LexWorks can localize your mobile, desktop, or cloud-based application. We have experience implementing translations across touch screen interfaces for iOS and Android, in all the major languages of Europe, Asia and the Middle East as well as in the leading local languages of Africa.

* SMART: Secure Machine-Assisted Rapid Translation