Website Translation

Not every translation company does a good job when faced with the task of translating a corporate website. Doing this well requires a unique skill set, one that blends localization and marketing know-how with an understanding of CSS, HTML, and other technologies.

LexWorks has the skills and experience needed to expertly extract and replace website text and graphics. We do so without destroying HTML and other code and of course we’re always conscious of the need to adapt marketing messages and other material to the local context. We also conduct linguistic and functional testing. Using machine translation, we typically find that we can cut the time in half of a traditional process, which results in lower costs and faster time-to-market for our clients.

Additional services include consulting on:

  • Architectural issues – how to build a successful international site
  • Cultural issues – including culturally appropriate messaging and use of colors and images
  • Text expansion – accounting for the fact that some languages take up 35% more space than others
  • Multilingual search engine optimization

Trying to decide whether to add another language to your corporate website? A study conducted across three continents by market research company Common Sense Advisory found that 72.1% of buyers spend more time on sites in their native languages. Furthermore, over half (52.4%) said they would only buy from a website where information is available in their language. With language skills taken into consideration, 89.3% of respondents said they do not buy from sites which don’t speak to them in their native language –Can’t Read, Won’t Buy: Common Sense Advisory