Under the Hood


While other companies were still considering the use of machine translation, LexWorks was already deploying MT for global customers. Even today, few translation and localization firms have the knowledge in-house that is needed to make the most of the technology. Even fewer have expertise in all approaches: Rules-Based Machine Translation (RBMT), Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) and Hybrid.

As one of the industry’s pioneers, LexWorkshas extensive experience leveraging machine translation to provide enterprises with a quality and speed advantage, leading to record profit levels. LexWorks prides itself on being impartial and engine agnostic, with expertise in building, deploying and maintaining both SMT and RBMT-Hybrid systems as well as post-editing in a wide variety of languages.

LexWorks’ SMART™ machine translation solutions are available in multiple ways, to meet the needs of a Global 2000 Customer Base:

  • Managed Service

    The machine translation server and all associated repositories are set up on the customers’ premises but managed by LexWorks. Access by LexWorks personnel is typically handled remotely for tasks such as building translation models, updates and maintenance. In this type of installation, the server customized by LexWorks can be integrated in a corporate intranet for shared access.

  • Hosted Service

    LexWorks licenses machine-translation technology on the customer’s behalf, hosting it on our premises. We customize the engine(s), including all pre-translation and post-translation editing necessary for a quality result, and deliver the completed files in the required electronic format, ready for publication. LexWorks also provides engineering services, page layout and maintenance of TMs.

  • Consulting Service

    LexWorks can assist in creating a ROI model for machine translation and/or in setting up one or more machine translation pilots inside your company.

  • Special MT Service Packages

    LexWorks’ services may also be purchased on an à la carte basis or as packages.

    • Piloting and benchmarking to select the right technology to meet your machine translation needs
    • Customizing machine translation engines on your content
    • Data cleaning
    • Pre-editing/ Authoring assistance
    • Post-editing / Engine updates and maintenance
    • Deployment / Integration