Service Delivery Models

LexWorks solutions are available in multiple ways, to meet the needs of our Global 2000 Customer Base:

  • Managed Service
    The machine translation server and all associated repositories are set up on the customers’ premises but managed by LexWorks. Access by LexWorks personnel is typically handled remotely via a VPN.
  • Fully Turn Key
    We license machine-translation technology on your behalf, customize the engine, do all pre-translation and post-translation editing that is necessary to get to a quality result, and deliver the results to you in the electronic format you desire.
  • Business Consultant
    We can assist you in creating the ROI model for machine translation and/or in setting up one or more tests of machine translation inside your company.
  • Special Service Offerings
    Here you purchase our services on an a la carte basis.

    • Selecting the right technology to meet your machine translation needs
    • Customizing the machine-translation engine to meet your unique needs
    • Pre-translation editing
    • Post-translation editing
    • Page Layout