SMART Machine Translation

There’s machine translation and then there’s SMART™ machine translation. What’s the difference you ask?

SMART machine translation is an acronym that stands for “secure machine assisted rapid translation” and is LexWorks’ proprietary process for translating more content into more languages.

The major benefits of SMART translation as documented in our case studies are:

  • Cost: reduced unit translation spend
  • Agility: increased speed of translation throughput
  • Productivity: higher volumes managed
  • Security: confidential content processed inside the firewall, not in public engines
  • Quality: improved terminological consistency and accuracy

Technology Agnostic

We work with a variety of MT engines, depending on a number of factors including language combination, quality required, file format and content type. Our expertise comes in knowing which engine will perform best under which circumstances, and how to optimally customize the MT engine for your terminology, regardless of the language pair. Selecting the right approach – SMT or RBMT-Hybrid – is key to a project’s success and ROI.

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